Spaces For Rent at Spoke the Hub

The entire basement floor complex of the STH Re:Creation Center located at 748 Union Street in the heart of Park Slope will be available January 1, 2018Sporting an open dance/art/play space with a sink, mirrors and bamboo sprung floor, two dressing rooms, a shower, a bathroom, a washer/dryer, a separate entrance and two smaller office, practice or storage rooms, this approximately 80’ x 17’ complex would be most compatible for an organization, business or confederation of independent freelance professionals from the arts, fitness, therapeutic, bodywork, design, film/media, not-for-profit, civic, Pre-K or education worlds seeking a central Park Slope “home” for their work. Pilates practitioners, freelance private trainers, or any arts or crafts based organization would be ideal, so please spread the word if you know the “perfect” sub-tenant ready to rock and roll with us in the New Year. Interested parties should contact Lori at