For Spoke the Hub, the last few years have been all about S P A C E — creating it, expanding it, improving it, animating it in wild and inspirational ways, and sharing it with a wider community of dancers, artists, educators and other community residents.

Pictured above is our end-of-summer Potluck/Party celebrating the opening of STH’s and KOKO/NY’s temporary new studios on 2nd floor of 234 Butler Street. We thank all of our lovely guests for bringing such yummy food for all to enjoy, and to Mark Caserta and Doug & Emma Pierson for providing live music at the event, and to high school student Jolene Lower and middle-schooler Isaiah Qualls  for exhibiting their paintings and drawings alongside the work of adult professional photographers Marcia Halperin Bricker and Erik Almeida.


Due to unanticipated delays in the Gowanus Arts building construction project, STHand KOKO/NY – the youth S.T.E.A.M. educational branch of Open Source on 17th Street — were forced to set up shop temporarily in this new location on the corner of Butler and Nevins, just 2 blocks away from Gowanus Arts. Many thanks go out to Winfield Clifford for helping us find the space; Salvatore Tagliavia for welcoming us into his building; Orlando Mendiola for whipping the studios into shape; Jana Baird of Baird Design for creating signage and an art project for the outside of the building (– more about that project below and how to get involved in the installation); Monika Wuhrer, Open Source and KOKO/NY for being our fabulous new partners in this effort; Dalienne Majors, David Webb, Lori Jorgensen and Jim O’Connor for doing yeoman service in getting the shining new dance flooring up the stairs and installed in the studios in the 11th hour; and for STH board member Jean Grassman for flying in at the last minute to help save the day!

Long time STH teaching associates who will also be joining Spoke the Hub at the Annex this Fall include Randolph James’ Dojo and a growing list of performers, choreographers and martial artists now booking the space for their own independent classes, rehearsals and practice sessions.

If you need space for your own classes, meetings or rehearsals, please contact STH Space Manager Lori Jorgensen: