Gowanus Experimental Film Fest

April 3-5, 2015
Gowanus Arts 295 Douglass Street (between 3rd & 4th Avenues)
Advanced tickets $10
Cash Bar


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The Gowanus Experimental FilmFest features over 20 artists working in animation, narrative, documentary, experimental film, and video.
Starting with Lynne Sachs‘ feature presentation of “Your Day is My Night” on March 27th, the festival continues April 3-5 with a superb line up of shorts:

Friday April 3, 8:30pm

Doors open 8:00

(Rated R) Curated by MonoNoAware, assisted by Simon Liu

MONO NO AWARE is a cinema arts non-profit organization based in Brooklyn, New York. Working counter culture to the singular / passive viewing experience of digital media and streaming online content, the organization promotes human connectivity through education and exhibition of cinema in a variety of forms.  This screening program presents a selection of work made members of the MNA community.

Joel Schlemowitz – In Springtime, 2012 (16mm, color, 3 min, silent)
Joel Schlemowitz – The Glowing Woman, 2007 (16mm, 5 min, sound)
Joel Schlemowitz – Camera Roll (for Taylor), 2008 (16mm, black & white, 3 min)
Richie Abraham – Ozu World 1.1 Jeff Costello (16mm Color Animation, 0:41, Silent)
Laura Bartczak – kym, 2014  (Super 8mm to HDV, 5 min, silent)
Kyle Corea – Surface Copernicus, 2014 (Super 8mm to HDV, 5 min, digital sound)
Rachael Guma – POW!, 2014 (Super 8mm to HDV, 3 min, silent)
Twiggs Gorie – Luciferia, Locks of Horror, 2014 (Super 8mm to HDV, 2 min, silent)
Ryan Marino – Old Growth, 2014 (16mm, Color, 8 min, sound)
Uzi Sabah – Magia Negra/Corazón 2012 (16mm dual projection 3min, sound)
Simon Liu – Sneyd Green, 2015 (16mm dual projection, 11 min, digital sound)
Zach Hart – Untitled, 2014 (16mm Color and Black & White, 9 min, Unsynchronized Sound)
Christopher Gorski  – Garland, 2013 (16mm film, 2 minutes, optical sound)
Sean Hanley – Living Fossil, 2014 (16mm to HDV, 2 min, sound)
Sean Hanley – WORKING FROM HOME, 2014 (16mm to HDV, 3 min, sound)
Craig Scheihing – Mira, 2014 (16mm film, 4 min, silent)
Kenny Curwood – Scalp Massage, 2013/2015 (16mm film, 5 min, silent)
Julie Orlick – femme siréne, 2015 (16mm, 1min 27sec, digital sound)
Josh Lewis – Chorus I, V, VIII 2015 (16mm black and white film with dry photographic reagents, 18 minutes, silent)

This program will showcase work on Super 8mm and 16mm film presented on its original format where possible.

Saturday April 4, 7:00pm

Doors open 6:30

(Rated R) Curated by M. Woods, assisted by Simon Liu

A night of avant-garde shorts from Michael Robinson, MM Serra, Jason Halprin, Bobby Abate, Jessie Stead, Mark Street and many more. Thematically the screening presents a mediated spectrum from analog film and video, to mixed media to digital degradation, focusing on the subterranean/conscious manufacturing and weaving of cinematic reality.
Mark Street – Brooklyn Promenade (3:00)
Lorenzo Gattorna – Marshy Place Across (4:35)
Margaret Rorison – Gowanus Haze (5:00)
Jason Halprin – Agnes and Me (6:30)
Lorenzo Gattorna – Sunrise Fires (6:25)
Simon Liu – Donkeyriding (10:00)
MM Serra and Josh Lewis – Enduring Ornament (14:00)
Bobby Abate – A few extra copies (9:15)
Nick Heppding – RGB (4:30)
Cassandra Sechler – Wireboy (14:45)
M Woods – Post Panoptic Gazing at the Digital Sickness (Radiating from the Numb Spiral) (7:00)
MM Serra – Art parade (5:00)
Mark Street – After Synchromy (5:12)
Sarah Dahnke – Untitled America Project (6:00)
Jessie Stead – Haribo/pretty bags (2:11)
Michael Robinson – The Dark Krystle (9:30)
Bryn Jackson – GhostStream.360 (5:35)
Bobby Abate – Dirty Code (5:16)
Jason Halprin – Imperfect Video (20:00)

Sunday April 5, 7:00pm

Doors open 6:30 PM

(Rated R) Curated by M. Woods, assisted by Simon Liu

A kaleidoscope of surreal narrative, experimental animation, celluloid destruction, psychedelic trips, ethnographic experimental docs, and personal essays. It brings together filmmakers from the 5 boroughs for a local treat capped off with a collection of shorts by Brooklyn Filmmaker’s Collective’s, Keith Miller.
Steve Girard – T. rex/wutang (2:47)
Jessie Stead – How to Quit Smoking at the Moon Hotel (5:40)
Steve Girard – Film – (0:20)
Nick Heppding – Decoy Museum (3:54)
Steve Girard – wawd ahp (2:54)
Bobby Abate – A Party Record Packed with Sex and Sadness (10:00)
Steve Girard – Microcosm (1:00)
Michelle Chu – State Park (13:00)
Jimmy Ferguson – Mon Reve Familier (18:00)
Steve Girard – The Rise and Fall of Phyllis the Human Duck – (1:00)
Michelle Chu & Simon Liu – Ditchwork (18:00)
A collection of shorts by Keith Miller