Introducing Spoke the Hub’s Annex

Due to unanticipated delays in our renovation schedule over at  Gowanus Arts, our new improved Douglass Street studios and theater will not be ready dancing for another 6 months or so; therefore, Spoke has found a nearby, temporary home and work space for our Fall programs, and for those of our teaching associates, performance groups, martial arts groups, and other independent artists-in-residence.

The Annex will sport two new dance spaces: one smaller 18′ x 19′ studio, and a larger 18′ x 36′ studio. Each has natural light, new dance floors, sound systems, ballet barres, and mirrors for use by our space renters.

(Our friends from OPEN SOURCE & KOKO/NY will also have a studio art space and exhibit space on our floor.)
For further information and to book space now at the STH Arts Annex, please visit or website at and/or contact Lori at 718.408-3234 or