All STH Summer Youth Programs CANCELLED

All STH Summer Youth Programs CANCELLED – Watch For Our Early Bird Fall Registration Deals Soon!


We here at STH understand better than most that kids need a real summer “vacation” and do not need to be plunked down in front a computer screen for many hours every day.  Because of STH’s very low summer enrollment amid the ongoing COVID 19 crisis, we hope families are swapping ZOOM time for free play and family time outside this summer.  For those reasons in addition to financial ones, STH Hub is cancelling all our young people camps and classes this summer.



DAILY SUMMER DANCE SCHEDULE – Registration Deadline: June 30   Please enjoy one of our many online zoom classes and support your local dance, art and yoga teachers and Zoom to class! The Zoom app can easily be downloaded on your phone or computer. Zoom classes are listed below. ALL YOUTH CLASSES and CAMPS CANCELLED

Spoke the Hub’s Summer ZOOM CLASSES  For Kids Monday July 6 to Friday August 28, 2020   8 weeks – class meets once a week –    $150.00YOUTH CLASSES  


ACTION HEROS  (ages 3-5) with Eugene “Spydey” Jordan  

Sundays, 11am-Noon 

A high energy, creative dance for boys and girls, incorporating imagination, music, props, stories, and movement games. Students will develop basic motor and rhythmic skills, a beginning dance and music vocabulary, and virtual cooperative social skills while learning about their bodies and discovering that dancing is fun for both boys and girls! We will also draw on favorite Action Hero imagery as we strengthen our bodies and minds through dance. Young dancers will soon be “jete-ing over tall buildings in a single bound”!

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BREAKDANCING  (ages 7-12) with Eugene “Spydey” Jordan  

Sundays, Noon -1pm 

New to b-boying/breaking, this class will help new dancers understand the foundation of breaking. Starting and practicing heavily with Toprock and Footwork, we will learn basic Freezes and power moves/tricks.

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BEGINNING TAP  (ages 8 and up) with Ann Dragich

Sundays,  2pm-3pm 

A beginner’s tap course designed for the student with little to no experience. Students will learn the vocabulary and rhythms of basic tap steps and develop choreography to diverse types of music. Body percussion will also be explored.

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ADVANCED TAP  (ages 7–12) with Ann Dragich

Sundays, 3pm-4pm 

This tap class expands upon basic tap experience with multiple years of tap training. Both musical and physical technique will be taught with an emphasis on skills which support classic (rhythm) tap repertory.

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TAP PERFORMANCE REPERTORY (ages 10+)  with Ann Dragich 

Sundays, 5-6pm 

Students will learn classic repertory in preparation for future performance opportunities. Repertory focus will be Copasetic Club material including the Shim Sham, the Coles Stroll, the Copasetic Soft Shoe, the Copasetic Chair dance, the BS Chorus, Laura and the Eddie Brown BS Chorus. Supporting technique will be included, and intricacies of physical and musical quality will be honed. Performance tools and strategy will be discussed and practiced. Also open to students who don’t wish to perform.


CREATIVE BALLET  (ages 2-3*with Lori Jorgensen

Mondays , 11am-11:45am 

Geared for toddlers, this first “ballet class” focuses on developing motor and social skills while using the imagination, songs, structured improvisations, and play activities to lay the foundation for more advanced studies in music and ballet.  Tiny dancers will explore personal and general space, locomotor movement, rhythm, and venture into imaginary play with their adult partner, through songs, stories and a variety of themes.  *Caregiver participation is required for students ages 2-3 years old.

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BEGINNING BALLET (ages 7-12) with Amber Schmiesing

Monday, 3pm-4pm 

This class will focus on introducing a classical ballet vocabulary through the practice of barre work, center floor exercises, and across the floor choreography. Students will gain a clear understanding of efficient body alignment, movement quality, carriage of the upper body, musicality, flexibility and a sound ballet technique.  Previous dance experience is not required.

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BALLET I-II  (ages 9-12) with Amber Schmiesing

Monday, 4pm-5pm 

This is a Ballet technique class with a positive atmosphere, for young people who have had some introduction to movement: ideally, students will have taken Creative Ballet, Intro to Ballet, and Intermediate Ballet. We will focus on proper body alignment and execution of steps, musicality, performance quality, and classical ballet’s vocabulary, etiquette, and traditions while each student’s learning style and unique artistic contribution will be honored.

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BALLET  / Open Level (ages 10+) with Amber Schmiesing  

Monday, 5pm-6pm 

Students are encouraged and empowered to foster their strengths in this challenging form of dance, while continuing to build their ballet vocabulary: continued work at the

barre, dancing with a partner, and the practice – or introduction? – of pirouettes will be part of the class.

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New! RADIO DRAMA  (ages: 12-16) with Chelsea Padro

Tuesdays, 10:30-11:30am

In this creative drama class, students will write and perform in their own Radio Play! We will explore classic examples of radio dramas, as well as modern day podcasts, to come up with our own themes during our script writing process. Students will then study characterization by learning various vocal techniques and experiment with different types of character voices. We will put it all together at the end by recording our own Radio Show, complete with sound effects and advertisements, to be shared with our friends and families!

Materials needed: Notebook and pencil; children’s story book of your choice.

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BEGINNING TAP  (ages 8-11) with Valerie Baloga

Tuesdays, 3pm-4pm 

Students will learn the foundations of Tap dance and Jazz music as they study traditional repertories such as the Shim Sham and the Coles Stroll. A great class to develop and/or improve strength, musicality, spatial awareness along with enhancing student’s performance quality.

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Tap III-IV (ages 10-15) with Valerie Baloga

Tuesdays, 4pm-5pm

This class is for the advanced tap student. This technique class will focus on faster and more intricate footwork. The dancer at this level will develop speed, clarity, dynamics, and the ability to execute to complex rhythmic combinations. Students will put the fundamentals to work by learning new steps, rhythms, patterns, and combinations.

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TAP / OPEN LEVEL  (ages 10+) with Valerie Baloga  

Tuesdays, 5pm-6pm

This class is geared for students with at least 1-2 years of tap experience. Dancers will build upon learned tap fundamentals, focusing on clarity, rhythm, coordination, and putting complex combinations together. Emphasis will also be placed on musicality and performance quality.

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New! *INTRO TO COOKING AT HOME (ages 9-16) with Chef Moe

Wednesdays, 11am- Noon

Young iron chefs wannabes will have the opportunity to learn the basics of cooking by being introduced to preparation, knife skills, chopping, sautéing, with an approach to healthy cooking using healthy oils and an awareness of good fats like avocado. With time permitting and parent permission, we can also explore fun with desserts!

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*NOTE ABOUT ADULT SUPERVISION/PARTICIPATION: These classes involve real-life cooking (with tools, heat, etc.), so parent/caregiver involvement is necessary. Only parents can determine the appropriate amount of supervision and assistance that your child needs. Our classes assume full parent/caregiver participation. For our teen classes, the amount and level of supervision depends upon the experience, abilities, and maturity of your child.


BEGINNING MUSICAL THEATER  (ages 7-12) with Amber Schmiesing  

Wednesday, 3pm-4pm 

This Musical Theater Dance class begins with a dance and vocal warm-up followed by  learning a piece of choreography with lyrics from a known Broadway musical. It is a fun and dynamic class where you will be working on basic jazz dance steps and strengthening the singing voice. Students explore several fun Broadway and Disney favorites!

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MUSICAL THEATER / Open Level with Amber Schmiesing

Wednesdays, 4pm-5pm

In this class, we continue to explore Musical Theater Dance at an advanced level. We begin with a dance and vocal warm-up followed by learning a piece of choreography with lyrics from a well-known Broadway musical. It is a fun and dynamic class where you will be working on more complicated jazz dance steps and honing one’s singing skills.

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BEGINNING MODERN & IMPROV  (ages 6-8)  with Mindy Toro

Wednesdays, 4-5pm 

Wake up your skin, muscles and bones!  We will wiggle, spin, fall and fly through the air with the greatest of ease as we also learn a basic dance vocabulary that can inform and lay the foundation for whatever dance form we choose to study or perform in the future.  The goal of this class is to launch musical, athletic, dance adventurers!

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MODERN DANCE & IMPROV (ages 8-12) with Mindy Toro

Wednesdays, 5-6pm 

Ready to take some risks? After a thorough dance warm-up, let’s balance and fall.  Experiment.  What kinds of surfaces can we dance on? Floor, stuffed animals, water bottles, paper? We’ll also explore power in shapes, focus, playful jumps and different dynamics. Class will end with a tranquil cool-down to find more flexibility and release in our bodies (and minds) and then we will all be ready for dinner!

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BEGINNING HIP-HOP (ages 7-10) with Michela “Miki Tuesday” Deidda

Thursdays, 3pm-4pm 

With a focus on fun and personal expressiveness, this contemporary dance class will teach students about rhythm, musicality, isolations, and coordination using the hottest dance music of today for inspiration! Current dance moves will be taught as well as popular steps from past decades. More advanced classes will also explore club, street, and break dance styles. Each class will include a freestyle improvisation section that will allow students to express their own unique personalities through both original movement and dance concepts introduced in class.

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HIP HOP I-II   (ages 8-13) with Michela “Miki Tuesday” Deidda

Thursdays, 4pm-5pm 

With a focus on fun and personal expressiveness, we continue to explore Hip Hop by teaching students more about rhythm, musicality, isolations, and coordination using the hottest dance music of today for inspiration! Current dance moves will be taught as well as popular steps from past decades. More advanced classes will also explore club, street, and break dance styles. Each class will include a freestyle improvisation section that will allow students to express their own unique personalities through both original movement and dance concepts introduced in class.

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HIP HOP III (ages 10-15) with Michela “Miki Tuesday” Deidda

Thursdays, 5pm-6pm 

More challenging movement and choreographic phrases then in Hip Hop I will be introduced in this class. Dancers will also explore choreographic creation to cultivate their own artistic voice using hip hop dance and music. Classes generally build on each other, enabling young dancers to create their own hip hop choreography by the semester’s end. Learn, be challenged, grow, sweat, and have fun with the latest hip hop moves and music.

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MODERN DANCE  / Open Level (ages 9 and up) with Mindy Toro

Fridays, 3-4:00pm 

After our dancing warm-ups, we will explore structured movement phrases, as well as finding alignment, balance and strength in our bodies. By exploring weight shifting, we will also play with balance and falling, learning how to extend and lift, while comparing that with held movements. Musicality, ease of movement , broadening our dance vocabulary and dancing with abandon will be our goals!

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Fridays, 4-5:15pm 

This intergenerational improvisation/performance workshop is for all uninhibited movers, 8 to 108 years old, who would like to create and perform their own unique performance piece. First we have to figure out what really interests and intrigues us.  Then we have to explore and invent original ways to define and shape our content with our expressive bodies and voices.  Our end goal is to engage and share our unique vision in order to transform and transport others through our original artistry and imagination

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Mondays, 6:45-8pm 

In this playful and healing class, you’ll build core strength, master key yoga postures and gain focus and balance.

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YOGA FOR ARTHRITIS with Dolores Natividad 

Mondays, 3-4pm 

This class uses the tools of yoga as they have evolved over thousands of years, to improve the health and well-being of people living with arthritis. Dolores will help you rediscover freedom of movement and the inner power to live life on your terms. “Yoga for Arthritis” was developed at a leading research university by an interdisciplinary team of medical and healing professionals. This team included rheumatologists, psychologists, public health researchers and yoga therapists. Our mission is to champion those who are feeling discouraged, in physical pain and disconnected to their peace and life force. Join us for a class and experience the possibilities of being pain free and moving with ease in a supportive and safe environment.  We adapt stress and pain management tools to help maintain ease and a feeling of wholeness and joy on and off the mat.

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Wednesdays,  1pm – 2pm 

Want to raise your cooking game in the kitchen? It’s all about technique, planning and exploring everyday ingredients and cooking practices. You’ll be a culinary artist in no time as we touch on basics and have fun exploring with simple ingredients and flavorful dishes.

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Wednesdays, 6:30-7:45pm

Experience the beautiful culture and art of Hawai’i through music, stories, chants, and songs. Learn hand and feet basics, names of different traditional drums/instruments and practice technique in both ancient and modern styles.

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CORE & MORE  with Dolores Natividad

Wednesdays, 9am-10am 

A fushion class of core strength and mobility, Gyrokinesis  & Yoga as well as an eclectic overall body workout!    We’ll practice fun, gentle, challenging essential core movements for the back/hips/abs and enhance greater pelvic floor tone while increasing flexibility, fluidity and balance. Class combines the use of balls, goam rollers, resistance-bands, free weights and interval training.  We will focus on preservating your joints while being tough on your muscles!

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ACCESSIBLE YOGA  with Dolores Natividad

Wednesdays, 3pm -4pm 

“Integrated Accessible Yoga” classes is an inclusive practice.  We will explore the many ways that yoga can be adapted to suit those with disabilities, physical challenges, as well as seniors. Everyone is welcome and my approach to students is done in a trauma-informed way.  We’ll also look at ways yoga can be used to support health and healing for everybody.  If you have specific medical concerns kindly reach out to Dolores.

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HATHA Yoga with Dolores Natividad 

Thursdays,  9am-10am 

For students interested in a traditional Hatha Yoga class consisting of sound vibration, gentle warm-ups, physical postures, deep relaxation, conscious breathing practice and meditation. This is a comprehensive, balanced class with a steady flow. First time students are welcome

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Elise’s lunchtime step, sculpt & stretch workout

Thursdays, 12:30pm to 1:30pm

For those of you who may want a more balanced, fun and vigorous total body ZOOM workout that will fit within the confines of your bedroom or living room, join STH Director Elise Long mid-day on Thursdays for step aerobics with free weights, stretching and a delicious deep relaxation to end each sweatfest.  Of course we will also dance to music from around the world and across time, and bask in the endorphin rush and energy you are bound to enjoy at the end of each hour.  AND – Spoke the Hub will loan out our steps and weights to anyone signing up for the class, so register now and come pick up your equipment before July 9th if you need it.



Fridays, 4-5:15pm 

STH Director, Elise Long, offers a new inter-generational improvisation/performance workshop for all uninhibited movers, 8 to 108 years old. Participants will create their own solo works to be performed in a virtual shared performance at the end of the summer.

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CARDIODANCE & YOGA with Elise Long and Sarah Shellow

Fridays, 5:30-7:30pm 

Class begins with an intelligen warm-up before launching into vigorous dancing set to dance music from around the world and across the centuries.  We aim to strengthen your heart, lungs and circulation, release endorphins galore, burn about 500 calories,  and keep you rockin’ for the rest of the day!  We’ll learn multi-impact choreography that’s both simple and challenging, but easily modified when necessary.  Free weights will make their way into strength routines, along with rogue push-ups and burpees for our more diesel workout warriors! After we have climbed up the mountain with Elise, Sarah will calm us back down again with gentle and cleansing breath work, a series of relaxing and expansive yoga poses, and ending each workout with a delicious meditative, deep relaxation.  It doesn’t get much better than this – please join us as we dance, sweat, laugh, stretch and calm our monkey minds.

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CORE STRENGTH YOGA with Dolores Natividad

Fridays, 8am-9am 

Gentle mobility warm-ups, strength exercises using resistance bands and ankle weights, and rollers are employed along with yoga poses, conscious breathing, and deep relaxation interwoven as stress and pain management tools.

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CHAIR YOGA  with Dolores Natividad 

Fridays, 11am-Noon 

Chair Yoga is an extra gentle yoga for students who do not have easeful mobility. The class is a modified version of an Integral Yoga class adapted to the chair!   The class structure includes: sound vibration, yoga poses, breathing, meditation, and deep relaxation integrated into a steady, comprehensive flow.