2018 Class Sharings Buy Tickets Now!

Date/Time: Saturday June 16, 2018
Venue: Old First Reformed Church
729 Carroll Street @ 7th Avenue – Brooklyn
Advance Online Ticket Sales: $5 per seat


It’s the end of another amazing season at the Hub! STH teachers and staff are looking forward to all the summer fun to come; but before that, please join us at our annual end-of-the-season CLASS SHARINGS! It’s your chance to thank our stellar faculty and staff in person as well as enjoy a little “taste” of what your kids have been up to in their classes all season long.

There are four different programs throughout the day:

  • PreK Program at 3:00 pm
  • Program #2 at 5:00pm
  • Program #3 at 7:00pm

Please see important SCHEDULE below to determine what program(s) your child’s class is performing on. (Please note: all seating is RESERVED IN ADVANCE so please read schedules carefully!)


Please click on the appropriate tab above to view
Class Sharing schedule, ticket information and other details.

<strong>SCHEDULE</strong><br />


Pre – K June 16th @ 3:00pm
Sing Dance Make Believe 2 – 3 Monday 10:00 AM Sarah Pope
Sing Dance Make Believe 2 – 3 Friday 9:30 AM Sarah Pope
Sing Dance Make Believe 3 – 4 Friday 10:30 AM Sarah Pope
Sing Dance Make Believe 4 – 5 Saturday 10:30 AM Sarah Pope
Intro to Tap/Jazz 4 – 6 Friday 3:30 PM Amber Schmiesing


PROGRAM 1 – June 16th @ 5:00pm

Action Heroes 4 – 5 Monday 3:30 PM Eugene Jordan
Intro to Tap 6 – 9 Friday 4:30 PM Amber Schmiesing
Creative Ballet 5 – 6 Saturday 11:30 AM Sarah Pope
Modern I/II 6 – 9 Tuesday 3:30 PM Jacqueline Dugal
Modern II/III 10 – 15 Tuesday 4:30 PM Jacqueline Dugal
Hip Hop II/III 10+ Thursday 6:00 PM Michela Deidda
Tap V 12+ Tuesday 5:30 PM Mindy Rebman
YAP 10+ Friday 4:30 PM Elise Long
Actors Workshop 8 – 12 Wednesday 3:30 PM Mike & Laura

Hip Hop II .                 8 – 10 .   Thursday .  4:30pm .               Michela Deidda


PROGRAM 2 – June 16th @ 7:00pm

Tap III/IV 9 – 12 Tuesday 4:30 PM Mindy Rebman
Tap V 12+ Tuesday 5:30 PM Mindy Rebman
Hip Hop II/III 10+ Thursday 6:00 PM Michela Deidda
Ballet I 6 – 8 Saturday 12:30 PM Sarah Pope
Ballet II 7 – 10 Saturday 3:15 PM Sarah Pope
Ballet III 10+ Saturday 2:00 PM Sarah Pope
Modern I 8 – 12 Saturday 10:30 AM Stephanie Franck
Actors Workshop 8 – 12 Wednesday 3:30 PM Mike & Laura

<strong>FAQ’s</strong><br />


  1. Where are the Class Sharings?
    All Class Sharing performances are on SATURDAY June 16, 2018 at Old First Reformed Church at 729 Carroll Street @ 7th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11215
  2. What time are the Class Sharings?
    There are performances at 3:00pm,  5:00pm and 7:00pm on Saturday, June 16th. To see what time your child is performing, please see the Class Sharing
    Schedule. Please note that the order of classes listed on the Class Sharing Schedule, is not the order of the show.
  3. How do I get tickets for my child’s performance? How much are tickets? Why is there a charge this year?
    Tickets for the Class Sharings are available on-line:
    Because our new theater is not built yet and we have to rent space to hold our closing event this year, we are asking a minimum donation of $5 per seat/per show. Siblings and other young children can come to the event without a ticket but must sit on the floor or the lap of a parent. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND BUYING TICKETS IN ADVANCE. Very few seats will be available for purchase at the door.
  4. What time should my child arrive at Old First?
    We recommend that your child arrive 15-20-minutes prior to their scheduled performance time already dressed for the show. However, if your child’s teacher would like them there earlier, they will communicate that with you directly. When you arrive at Old First, you can send your child to meet his/her teacher.
  5. What should my child wear?
    In general, your child should wear what they normally wear to class unless otherwise instructed by your child’s teacher.
  6. I can’t make it to the performance, what should I do?
    You are more than welcome to talk to your child’s teacher to find a time for you to sit-in on one of their classes before the performance to see their class piece or come to your child’s final class. Final class dates are listed with the schedule information on the back of this document.