Recycled Fashion Show & High Tea

Give us your tired and your poor… Ok, how about just your gently used and shabby chic clothing?

It’s time for the return of STH’s

Recycled Fashion Show & High Tea


We are now accepting donations of used clothing at Union Street during office hours through end of February. Bring it on!

Long before “re-purposed” and “up-cycled” became part of Brooklyn’s hipster vernacular, STH was staging semi-annual, funky and fun, recycled fashion shows featuring your used clothing, modeled by some of your favorite dancers, teachers, neighbors and students who animate the neighborhood and Spoke the Hub.  Well, this March, we’re back on it, so clean out your closets NOW and give us what you got, then come see what fun we have with your duds on our makeshift Gowanus catwalk in March.

STH Director, Elise Long, will again whip up the original script, create the musical score and choreography, and put together the various clothing “lines”, while Laura Livingston and Mike Durkin of Freestyle Repertory Theater will again be our fashion forward M.C.’s  All clothing goes on sale at rock bottom prices right after the floor show, with all proceeds from this event going to  support Spoke the Hub’s free outdoor spring and summer LOCAL PRODUCE programs in our local community gardens.