Spoke the Hub’s continuing,  informal SALON Showcase Series is going online during COVID.  

Performing and cinematic artists of all ages and stages of their careers are invited to apply to present a brand new work, a revived work,  an excerpt of a new or old work, or a work-in-progress at this mixed performance & film variety showcase, to be broadcast online this 2021 season.  Dancers, Musicians, Actors, Film-makers, Spoken Word Artists, Circus Performers, and Interdisciplinary Performing Artists are invited to submit a video of your work in STH’s upcoming Spring Season.  Generally, we include 4-6 artists on a program, depending on the length of the works.  Please make presentations no less than 5 minutes but no longer that 20 minutes.  Yes, you can apply to be on unlimited showcases.  Artists are welcome to come record their work in our studio for free.  SALON applications are open and ongoing throughout the year.

For further information, please contact: