SALONS get NEW WORK and NEW ARTISTS “out there”! Make your work HERE.

Salon Showcases 2020!















Each “Salon” will host 4-6 guest artists (coordinated by Spoke the Hub) and each artist/group will have up to 15 minutes of time on stage.   There is no tech or run-through time in the space except for the hour before doors open. 

The goal of the “Salons” is to get new work and new artists “out there” in front of new audiences in a relaxed as well as informal, social setting.  

Generally speaking, “Salons” will be held on the 3rd Saturday of each month at 7:30pm and will also include the availability of adult refreshments. 

The space holds up to 50 guests and has bare bone lighting and sound capabilities. 

There is no charge to the participants but a nominal admission will be asked at the door ($15) to cover the costs of opening, closing, setting up/striking, and cleaning the space.

All participants will do their part to publicize the events by distributing and posting flyers, and promoting on their social media platforms.  


Then please send letter of interest and a proposal, links to work samples and your resume to:

Spoke the Hub 

Attention: Elise Long

Or drop off snail mail to

748 Union Street

Brooklyn, NY 11215-1209