All Ages Welcome To Join – Get Your Practice Videos Now!


Last April, Spoke the Hub was on the docket to perform director Elise Long’s latest community dance mob again at the 5th Avenue BID’s annual “Taste of 5th” Food fest in the Grand Prospect Hall ballroom – until, that is, the coronavirus shut down all the fun and festivities.


STH feels all those rehearsal hours should not go to waste, so we are resurrecting our adapted “Shim Sham Shimmy” routine to be pre-recorded for a ZOOM performance at STH’s CLASS SHARINGS on June 13th.  We invite all interested kids and adults to learn the dance this coming week, come join the fun and be in the show!


Below are three Shim Sham versions to choose from  — we invite all trained and untrained dancers of all ages to sign-up to be in the group you feel most comfortable with. Elise will send you your own DIY Shim Sham Shimmy Practice Kit (which will include your moves on tape to practice with, a written cheat sheet, the music, and a costume to assemble.)  Note: you will need to have your moves down pat by June 5th in order for us to tape and edit the piece together for broadcasting on June 13th.  


  1. STH Youth Tap Ensemble Version – for kids with previous tap training
  2. STH Tap Teachers & Pro Dancer Version – it’s fast and furious in the end and you’ll probably get to improvise in spots as well!
  3. Elise’s Slower, Layperson, No Tap Shoes, Funk Version that anyone can learn with a little patience – this is recommended for untrained dancers of all ages and skill levels (also those with limited movement ability – please adapt your own version to perform from a chair!)

To sign-up, please contact Spoke and let us know which Shim Sham group you want to be part of ASAP:  718.408-3234 or email spoke@spokethehub.org