Spoke The Hub is now Zooming to Class!

Spoke The Hub is now Zooming to Class!

Spoke the Hub Indoor and outdoor classes suspended until further notice but we are offering classes online!  Please enjoy one of our many online zoom classes and support your local dance, art and yoga teachers and Zoom to class! The Zoom app can easily be downloaded on your phone or computer. Zoom classes are listed below. Also,Studios are available to rent for individual rehearsals or family dance, for details, contact: Lori at space@spokethehub.org.

Zoom Class Schedule


Breakdancing w/ Eugene “Spydey” Jordan

SUNDAYS 2:00pm (ages 6-9)


Creative Ballet w/ Lori Jorgensen

MONDAYS    11:00am (for 2-3 yr. olds with their caregiver)


Ballet w/ Sarah Pope

  • SATURDAYS 11:30am (ages 5-7)
  • SATURDAYS 12:30pm Level I (ages 6-8)
  • SATURDAYS 2pm Level III (ages 8-13)
  • SATURDAYS 3:15pm Level II (ages 7-10


Broadway Song & Dance w/ Amber Schmiesing

WEDNESDAYS    4:30pm (ages 7-10)


Hip Hop w/ Miki Tuesday

  • THURSDAYS    4:15pm Level II  (ages 8-10)
  • THURSDAYS    5:30pm Level III (ages 10+)


Modern Dance w/ Sarah Pope

    THURSDAYS    4:30pm (ages 6-8)


Modern Dance w/ Stephanie Franck

  • SATURDAYS    10:30am Level I-II  (ages 8-12)
  • SATURDAYS    11:30am Level II-III  (ages 12-15)


Tap Dance w/ Ann Dragich

  • SUNDAYS      2:15pm (ages 4-6)
  • SUNDAYS     3:00pm (ages 9-11)


Tap Dance w/ Valerie Baloga

TUESDAYS     3:30pm Level I (ages 6-8)



Yoga w/ Dolores Natividad*

  • MONDAYS     1:45pm    Yoga for Arthritis 
  • FRIDAYS     11:30am    Chair Yoga
  • FRIDAYS    8:00am    Core Strength Yoga
  • *What will you need for Core Strength Yoga? Yoga Mat, Yoga Bricks and a Belt or Tie. Description: Gentle Mobility Warm-Ups, Strength Exercises using Resistance Bands and Ankle Weights, and Rollers.Yoga Poses, Conscious Breathing, and Deep Relaxation will be interwoven as Stress and Pain Management Tools.
  • What will you need for Chair Yoga? A Chair. Description: CHAIR YOGA is an Extra Gentle Yoga for students who do not have easeful mobility. The class is a modified version of an Integral Yoga class adapted to the chair! The class structure includes: Sound Vibration,Yoga Poses, Breathing, Meditation, and Deep Relaxation integrated into a steady, comprehensive flow.


Yoga & Meditation w/ Mina Hamilton

MONDAYS, 6:45pm  (Everyone Welcome!)


Additional Online Classes w/ STH Teaching Associates  

(contact them directly about payment details and class times)


Make-Up Classes

All Spoke the Hub currently registered students can take as many make-up classes as you need to with any teacher and Zoom class that we have listed.  Yes, another family member can do your make-up classes for you or with you. In order to do a make-up class, please let our office staff know which class, teacher, and on what day and time you want to do your make-up session.  Please try and let us know at least 24 hours in advance about this, as we are handling all emails and phone calls remotely at this time with drastically reduced staffing and sporadic office hours from various home offices! Thank you!