Spring Green ARTS & SUSTAINABLE PLANET-Postponed

HOW do we empower and motivate our children to be brave, positive, proactive global citizens?

And how do we keep individuals, families and communities healthy, happy and effective green stewards of Planet Earth in the future?  Spoke the Hub’s SPRING BREAK/SPING GREEN Camp hopes to inspire kids to aim for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle using the imagination, fun, discussion, and the creative arts as our navigational tools. Campers will “green” their bodies and minds each day through Yoga, Meditation, Dance and Music activities, both indoors and out-of-doors (when weather permits). They will also unleash their imaginations in the creation of artwork that re-visions, re-cycles and re-purposes materials and found objects. Kids will also explore the importance of green roofs, urban gardening, food and nutritional eating, and how all of these activities weave together to form a happy, diverse, and sustainable life and planet.

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Photo by Marcia Bricker Halpern