While we figure out how to survive COVID until dancers, students, teachers, audiences and artists can gather again safely in groups under one roof, Spoke the Hub will be offering our beautiful upstairs studio and front office space at 748 Union Street to artists and the community for rent by the hour for –


  • Choreographing – or developing your own new performance work
  • Rehearsing – by yourself or with a limited number of dancers
  • Teaching – your own small or private classes with a limited number of students
  • Zooming – your own virtual classes
  • Zooming –  your own meetings or conferences in a private space with no interruptions from kids, pets, sweethearts, neighbors…
  • Family Celebrations – for small birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, or other family gatherings


We have a 65” tv set up in the studio to better see and monitor your students’ king-sized images on Zoom.  We have two walls of mirrors that help students see front and back views of the teacher in Zoom movement classes.  We have our dance floor taped out in 7’ x 8.5’ areas for appropriate physical distancing for limited in-person classes. We will have Merv 13 filters installed in our HVAC system shortly.  The windows in our huge skylight can be open for fresh air and we have fans to keep that air circulating.  We have a thermometer on site and questions all space users must answer at the door before using the space.  We have two bathrooms and another sink available for hand-washing and we ask that all space users wear masks if they are not working solo.


For further information and to book the space, please contact our space manager, Lori Jorgensen: